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Forgings are products of front rolling-off.

Producing extra accuracy forgings from ferrous and non-ferrous metals using warm die forming rolling-off method is one of the priority directions of RMA IMEKS. The front rolling-off technology is based on deformation zone localization due to inclination of one of the rotating tools at defined angle with feed per each revolution. 
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Advantages of the front rolling-off method

  • Decreasing of the deformation stress by 10-15 times with corresponding decreasing of capital cost 

  • Increasing of metal recovery up to 0.5 -0.7;

  • Possibility of preforming for one step with the proportion of H/D = 0.015 – 0.1;

  • Non-waste parent sheet cutting;

  • Control of a metal flow and strain-stress behaviour of the workpiece;

  • Cost decreasing by for 10-15% in comparison with conventional forming method 

  • Application fields

    The most effective application fields of the front rolling-off method -  

    manufacturing of side mills, flat rings, hubs, flanges 

    and other axially-symmetrical parts with a height-diameter ratio of h/d=0.015-0.1.

    The front rolling-off method allows producing more than 250 000 forgings of extra accuracy in a month.

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